A new standard for money transfers.

Every business needs to move money and our mission is to make it as easy as possible. No limits. No paperwork. No headaches.

Why is it so hard to make business payments in 2023?

It’s pretty simple to send money to your friends. But to businesses? Not so much. Jetpay is a Canadian fintech company helping businesses to send and receive money without the headache of cheques, limits, or annoying paperwork. 
With a laser focus on simplifying business payments, Jetpay was a natural fit for initial investment, and later for acquisition by Baseline Payments in 2022. As payment processing consultants, Baseline Payments continues to make life simpler for merchants in over $2 billion processed annually.

Innovation with intention.

We only hear a challenge when people say, “It’s always been done this way”. We don’t get stuck on what’s there, we build for how things should be.


It should be



It should be



It should be


Trusted and regulated across Canada.

We partner with leading FinTechs and financial institutions to securely process payments between any Canadian bank or credit union.
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“We process over 50 payments per month on average, so efficiency matters. Jetpay makes AP and AR management as efficient as it gets.”

Don McDonald
Founder, Waverley Financial
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Big moves require
big payments.