“Jetpay makes AP and AR management as efficient as it gets.”

“We process over 50 payments per month on average, so efficiency matters. Jetpay makes AP and AR management as efficient as it gets.”
Don McDonald
Founder, Waverley Financial
1 min payment initiation
Over 50 monthly transactions

Optimizing efficiency for high-volume payment processing.

Don founded Waverley Financial to break down barriers in the flow of private equity by bridging the gap between dealers and small businesses. Waverley has built a platform that connects over 4000 investors with small business investment opportunities through advisors across the country.

As the main hub between investors, advisors and businesses, Waverley deals with a high volume of cash in- and outflows. CEO and founder Don is the man in charge of managing AR and AP and making sure the cash keeps flowing. With Jetpay, he found a solution that makes it easy for him to keep all business transactions organized in one simple platform. “It’s as efficient as it gets.”


“It’s great to have all your cash flows consolidated in one platform.”

Before Don found Jetpay, he used Versapay to bill client companies for commission fees and pay advisors across the country. The problem with Versapay was that AR & AP had to be managed on two separate platforms, making it challenging to keep a clear picture of his business cash flow.

With Jetpay, he appreciates that he has all his incoming and outgoing payments consolidated in one place: He can invoice clients for payment and pay advisors in one go without having to switch between tools.

AR & AP in one place
Real-time cash flow


“I don’t need to talk to my accountant, all the info shows on the bank feed.”

Don is in charge of making payments, but he works with an external accountant for reconciliation. With e-Transfers, they often ran into issues when trying to identify and match transactions, as the payment description does not show on the bank feed – “If you have any sort of forensics to do, you are helpless without phoning the bank.”

Thanks to Jetpay, Don doesn’t have to worry about keeping his accountant updated with payment information. All he has to do is add the invoice number in the payment description on Jetpay. The custom bank statement will then show up on the bank feed, making reconciliation painless for the accountant.

Custom bank statement description
Search and export transaction history


“Considering the number of payments we process, efficiency matters.”

Last year, Don processed over 700 payments through Jetpay, and he loves how quickly he can initiate payments. It takes him less than one minute to send a payment or payment request, and it didn’t take him long to figure out how – ”Everything is very intuitive and easy to use.”

With the bulk payments feature, he can send multiple payments simultaneously, making AP processes even faster. Don knows the importance of efficiency in internal processes, and Jetpay makes it “as efficient as it gets.”

Send payments in bulk
1-min payment initiation

Big moves require
big payments.