"Printing, signing and mailing cheques – it’s a waste of time."

“Jetpay is simple and modern. You don’t have to leave your house. You don’t have to send a cheque. You don’t have to make a bank draft.”
Scott & Devin Hutchinson
Hutchinson Contracting
5-7 days faster receivables
1 day time savings per month

Modern payments for modern construction businesses

Hutchinson Contracting is a general contracting company based out of Victoria, B.C., specializing in new home constructions, renovations and garden suites. Family owned and operated, the father-son-duo Scott and Devin Hutchinson are managing both the back-end and front-end of the business themselves.

To Devin and Scott, it is important to offer their customers the latest technology in every facet of their operations, including a modern way of processing payments. Jetpay makes Scott’s life easier on the back-end side of the business when managing payables and receivables, and helps Devin on the sales side by adding value to their customers’ experience.


“With Jetpay, I know exactly when a customer has paid.”

For small- to midsize construction businesses like Hutchinson Contracting, cash flow plays an important role and collecting payments on time is a priority in Scott’s daily business. He knows that anyone can say “The cheque is in the mail” but it can be a long time before you actually know whether or not they sent the cheque.

Scott loves the visibility into payments with Jetpay. He can check the status of the transaction in real-time on the dashboard and receives an email notification the minute the customer pays. On average, he finds that he collects receivables 5-7 days faster with Jetpay compared to waiting for a cheque to arrive in the mail.

Real-time tracking
Estimated deposit dates


“What used to take an hour with cheques, I can now do in 5 minutes.”

In the construction industry, cheques are still a common thread due to the large size of transactions. Scott used to waste hours every month printing, writing and mailing cheques for both receivables and payables. Not to mention the time spent on arranging meetings and sending people to pick up cheques.

With Jetpay, Scott and Devin finally found a modern payment solution that meets the needs of their business: To move big money fast. Scott appreciates how much time he saves on the back-end thanks to Jetpay. He simply copies payment links into invoices for his customers and pays suppliers via email. No transfer limits, no tedious paperwork.

No transfer limits
Send payments via email


“Our customers love it. They can send any amount of money without leaving the house.”

Devin is on the people-front side of the business and it is a priority for him to offer a transparent and convenient customer experience. At the beginning of a project, he walks clients through the process and the ease of paying bills is clearly a value-add for the customer. With Jetpay they can easily send any amount of money, anytime.

Scott made the realization that Jetpay can also be a selling point when it comes to lien holdbacks. By making payments through Jetpay, he can prove to the customers at any point that they have paid their suppliers, which adds a level of comfort and trust to the customer experience right away.

Direct bank login
Online statements

Big moves require
big payments.