“Accountants are huge stakeholders in digitization.”

“The construction industry needs support in digitizing processes. In no other industry is bookkeeping felt as intensely as a pain point.”
Leeroy Beeby
Co-Founder, Check the Level
1 hour saved per client per week
Same day setup

Verticalized, tech-enabled accounting services for the construction industry.

Check The Level provides innovative job costing and bookkeeping solutions for  general and specialty contractors only. Growing up in a family with over 40 years of experience in construction, Co-Founder Leeroy knows the complexity of cash flow management and the pain point bookkeeping represents for any small business in the construction industry.

The reality is that 9 out of 10 construction companies go out of business because they are not charging enough for their work  and poor cash flow management. Leeroy and his Co-Founder Riley saw the need for innovation and digital transformation in the industry, so they made it their mission to provide small and medium-sized contractors with tools that provide visibility into how cash moves in and out of a project. The result: their clients wake up every single day confident in their business’ pricing, profits and cash flow. With Jetpay, Leeroy found a solution that saves him time on bookkeeping, which makes it easier for Check The Level to help more contractors manage and track their cash flow.


“Cheques and EFTs are a nightmare from a bookkeeping perspective.”

Traditional payment systems are not only slow and manual, it is also hard to reconcile cheques or EFTs payments in the aftermath. As an accountant, Leeroy would see the bank transactions in the accounting software and then had to send a list of payments to his client to match transactions with invoices.

This becomes nearly impossible when a client makes 50 transactions in a single day, often leaving Leeroy with no alternative but to guess what a payment was made for.

With Jetpay, there is no guesswork. His clients can easily add a transaction description when they initiate a payment, making it quick and easy for Leeroy to match each transaction with the right invoice.

Custom transaction description
No batched payments


“I don’t need to go back and forth with my client. All the info is there.”

Before using Jetpay, Leeroy was often left waiting for clients to respond to emails or phone calls, wasting not only his time but also his construction clients’. By the time he could get a hold of them, they had often forgotten about the payment he inquired about.

Jetpay saves Leeroy and his clients the constant back and forth. They can collaborate in real-time in a shared Jetpay dashboard, allowing Leeroy to log in at his own time. From there, he can see all past and processing transactions and can get the job done right away. Leeroy estimates that Jetpay saves him a full hour per client every week.

Unlimited account users
Real-time updates


“Jetpay is self-explanatory. Our clients figure it out right away.”

At first, Leeroy was worried about some of the less tech-savvy users getting started with a digital payment tool. Yet, none of his clients or clients’ subcontractors have had any difficulties with sending or accepting payments through Jetpay. Jetpay makes it easy to create an account and get started with processing payments right away.

Leeroy’s clients also like that it removes the friction point of collecting routing numbers from their suppliers. All they need is an email address to send a payment. The recipient can deposit funds right into their bank account by logging in with their online banking details.

After all, Leeroy recognized the increasing importance of an easy-to-implement tech stack to digitize construction companies and provides a ton of value for his clients in doing so.

Secure self-registration
No routing info needed

Big moves require
big payments.