“I had been searching for a secure and consumer-friendly way to collect large payments from clients.”

"It was about the hassle my clients had to go through with bank drafts and cheques."
James Sharp
Managing Partner, Backyard Canada
20 hours saved per week
5 min payment initiation

Backyard Canada is creating memorable experiences for anyone passionate about their backyard. As the Director of Operations, James is building trust and loyalty by delivering magic to every customer with premium products and an outstanding service experience.

With premium products come premium prices, and James knows the complications of collecting large-sum payments in a customer-friendly way. He had been looking for an alternative to tedious bank drafts and cheque processes to give his clients an easier way to pay. With Jetpay, he found just that: “A simple way of collecting large sums of money for a minimal transaction fee.”


“I don’t want to ask my clients to go to the bank and wait in line.”

The average payment for Backyard Canada’s premium products is valued at around $18,000. With such a high average purchase value, accepting credit card payments is not an option for James, which would result in excessive payment fees for the business.

James’ biggest concern with asking customers for bank drafts or cheque payments was the hassle this process caused for his clients. Asking a customer to go to the bank, wait in line, then come to the store to fulfill payment did not meet his standards of an excellent customer experience.

He likes how easy it is for his clients to pay an invoice with Jetpay. They can pay any amount via bank transfer or credit card online within a few minutes - anywhere, anytime. This also makes it easier for James to collect payment from customers in remote locations, as he expands his business across Canada.

Pay from anywhere
Online bank login


“Cheques bounce because of simple spelling mistakes.”

Bank drafts and cheques were not only a pain for clients, James also had to deal with the hassle of depositing payments and dealing with the banks to make sure the funds arrived in his account. He was in for a rude awakening when a $17,000 cheque bounced because it wasn’t filled in correctly, and it took an extra two weeks to process.

With Jetpay, he appreciates the simplicity of the entire payment collection process. It takes him less than 5 minutes to send a payment request link to clients via email. After the client pays, the payment shows up with the invoice number on James’ bank feed, which makes reconciliation fast and simple. Thanks to automated notification emails, he stays informed about the status of the payment every step of the way.

5-min payment initiation
Custom bank statement description


“We were up and running within a day.”

As the owner and operator of a small business, it is important for James to be flexible and move quickly. His focus is to grow his business, and he does not have the time to deal with complicated, time-consuming setup processes for new software tools.

Jetpay made it easy for him to get set up and start processing no-limit payments right away. All he needed to do was to go through the self-onboarding process and submit a few details about his business – the rest was self-explanatory. All in all, James recommends Jetpay to any businesses dealing with high-value payments

Same-day setup

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big payments.