“Time savings are intangible.”

“When you’re busy and juggling 1000 responsibilities, that extra hour is very difficult to find.”
Ian Gray
Partner, Lower Coast Building Group
1.5 weeks faster receivables
1h time saving per week

Simplifying payments for complex construction projects.

The Lower Coast Building group specializes in large, complicated new builds and renovations, including passive houses and net-zero, high-performance homes. As one of three partners with over 20 years of industry experience, Ian is involved in all layers of the business – from project management to cash flow planning and payment processing.

Ian’s goal is to make building and renovating homes more enjoyable for homeowners by reducing stress and friction throughout the process. To keep clients informed every step of the way, they are billed weekly, making it easier to review invoices and stay up to date on project costs.

Weekly billing makes job costing more transparent, but it also leads to a lot of payments that need to be collected. Jetpay makes it easy for Ian to keep payments coming in and gives his clients a better way to pay.


“Physically picking up cheques is a drain on our time.”

Ian knows how tedious it can be to coordinate meeting times with clients for employees in the field to pick up cheques and bring them back to the office. “You never know if the cheque will arrive at the office and land in the correct pile.” Depending on the size, some cheques even need to be deposited in person, adding an extra trip to the bank into Ian’s busy work day.

With Jetpay, Ian appreciates the transparency and simplicity of the payment process from start to finish. Clients can review invoices online and pay from their bank account or credit card in a few simple clicks. Ian can track the payment in real-time and knows exactly when the money will arrive in his account.

Fully digital payments
Real-time tracking


“Anyone can go in and match payments without questions.”

Working with a team and running multiple projects simultaneously makes it difficult to keep payments organized and everyone in the loop. With Interac e-Transfers, Ian was missing a way to add additional information to transactions, making it hard to reconcile payments afterwards.

Jetpay makes it easy for Ian and his partners to collaborate on payment processing and keep transactions sorted by project. Thanks to customizable payment descriptions and tagging, transactions are easy to find and match in the accounting system, even for someone not involved in the project.

Custom tags and payment descriptions
Unlimited users


“You can do it when it works for you.”

Especially in the construction industry, timelines matter and good cash flow planning is essential. Jetpay not only speeds up receivables for Ian, but also helps him pay vendors on time, every time.

Ian likes knowing he can initiate payments around the clock – anytime, anywhere. As soon as a payment is initiated, the recipient receives an automated email notification assuring them the payment is on the way to their account.

24h accessible
Automated payment notifications

Big moves require
big payments.