“With Jetpay there is no guesswork.”

"It is important for me to know my expenses ahead of time. With Jetpay, I know exactly what’s going out."
Eunice Martel
CEO and Head Coach, Oak and Reed Life Coaching
5 days faster than Stripe
70% cheaper than credit cards

Collecting recurring payments has never been so simple.

Eunice is the CEO and Head Coach at Oak And Reed Life Coaching. She helps her clients reach their new year's resolutions, no matter what year or what time of the year. She uses Jetpay to collect recurring payments for coaching plans from her clients.

Eunice first became aware of Jetpay from the customer perspective. She received a payment request via email and when she saw how smooth the user experience was, she signed up right away. Today, Eunice uses Jetpay to collect subscription payments from all her Canadian clients. She loves how simple and straightforward it is to collect recurring payments, without hidden fees or bad surprises.


“It feels like my payments are on autopilot.”

Jetpay makes it super easy for Eunice to collect monthly subscription payments from her clients. She likes that the process is automated and runs smoothly in the background. She only needs to set up the subscription plan once, and doesn’t need to worry about reminder calls or emails to clients. Jetpay takes care of the rest.

Her clients receive automatic payment notifications, and Eunice can keep track of her receivables on the dashboard in real-time. “The invoices are clear and simple.”

Recurring payments
Online invoices


“I know my expenses ahead of time. There’s no guesswork.”

Eunice appreciates the straightforward cost structure of Jetpay. It is important to her to know her expenses so she can manage her cash flow accordingly. When she was using Stripe, she was often surprised by additional costs and high percentage charges, which made it hard for Eunice to estimate her expenses before they were incurred. With Jetpay, she knows exactly how much the transaction fees are ahead of time.

Flat fees
No hidden charges


“My clients prefer to pay with bank transfers instead of credit cards.”

Before Eunice found Jetpay, collecting payments from using Stripe often resulted in high percentage charges and slow deposit times. More importantly, the request for bank withdrawals came from her clients. They asked for an option to pay their invoices through bank deposit instead of credit card payments.

Jetpay is a better solution for both Eunice and her clients. They can directly log into their online banking and pay straight out of their account. With Jetpay, the money is securely processed from bank account to bank account via ACH transfers. Eunice likes that the money arrives in her account within two business days – that’s twice as fast compared to Stripe’s credit card payments.

Bank-to-bank transfers
48h deposits

Big moves require
big payments.