“You can’t put a number on the time wasted dealing with cheques.”

"It’s difficult to quantify the value of not having to chase clients for cheques. The value is infinite."
Erik Jensen
Owner, Sprucehill Contracting
1 minute payment initiation
15x faster setup than RBC express

Optimizing the construction sprint from start to finish.

Sprucehill has established its name as one of the top renovators and custom home builders along the North Shore of Vancouver. As the owner and visionary of the company, Erik prides himself with an obsession for quality and customer service.

Over the years, Erik has developed processes to not only ensure project success but to get there in the most efficient way possible. Using Jetpay to collect payments from clients has eliminated a major friction point for Erik in the final steps of any construction project: Chasing cheques.    


“I send a link and a few days later the money magically shows up in our bank account - it’s fantastic.”

Before using Jetpay, Erik had to send a project manager to pick up the cheque from the client at the job site, and hope it doesn’t get lost on the way back to the office. He lost track of the number of times the cheque ended up being forgotten in someone’s back pocket and washed in the laundry.

With Jetpay, it takes Erik less than 2 minutes to create a payment link and add it into the invoice he sends to the customer. Once sent, Erik doesn’t need to worry about it anymore. He likes that Jetpay automatically keeps him updated about the status of the payment via email. No time wasted.

Unique payment links
Automated email notifications


“How do you add up the headache and heartache of watching money evacuate your bank account for no reason?”

To Erik, one of the biggest pain points about cheques was dealing with bounces due to information that was filled out incorrectly. Something as simple as not putting the date in the exact required format would lead to getting the cheque returned in the mail a few days later, saying the money didn’t go through.

Just like any construction business, Sprucehill needs to pay their vendors as soon as they get paid. A bounced payment like this could potentially lead to serious cash flow issues and even affect a business’s credit score. Since using Jetpay, Erik has not had to deal with a single failed or lost payment. To him, the value of the time and headache saved from not having to deal with bounced or lost cheques is priceless.

Real-time tracking
Direct bank transfers


“Click and go.”

In the beginning, Erik had his doubts about taking on a new payment system and making the switch over to Jetpay. Now that he knows how intuitive it is to get started with Jetpay, he smiles at his initial hesitations: “Once you’ve used it once, you don’t want to look back.”

Erik appreciates Jetpay’s straightforward self-onboarding process. No need to arrange a meeting at the bank or wait for an RSA token to arrive in the mail. At the same time, he feels confident about the level of security with Jetpay. “Considering the complexity of the service, it all makes sense.”

Secure self-onboarding
Supported by all Canadian banks

Big moves require
big payments.