"I haven’t seen that level of security before."

"Money transfers have been a side frustration of mine for a long time. Jetpay is a game-changer to an important part of just about everyone’s company."
David Shore
Co-Founder and CFO, CodeZero
Up to 90% faster reconciliation
50% time saved on journal entries

State-of-the-art payment solutions for software companies.

CodeZero is a young software company with the mission to democratize Kubernetes, a new and extremely complicated platform for modern cloud computing. CodeZero enables all engineers to build and manage Kubernetes without having to learn how to run Kubernetes or the myriad of tools it requires.

As Co-Founder and CFO, David is well acquainted with using all kinds of software tools on a daily basis. Trying to set up a bank cash management system to pay suppliers, however, made him want to pull his hair out. The  setup process that was supposed to take a few days at most, dragged on over months and months – running in circles with no happy ending. Finally, he tried Jetpay: “Boom! It was exactly what I was looking for and it works exactly like I would expect it should. A low cost, low hassle, efficient way to send money.”


“The setup was as simple as can be and a confidence builder.”

What seemed like a simple, straightforward setup process for the bank’s cash management program, turned out to be a customer support nightmare for David. He wasted hours trying to get the system up and running, causing frustrations for him and his team. Endless support emails and calls later, he realized the process was clearly not worth the hassle, but had no choice but to complete it in order to send money electronically.

In comparison, the Jetpay setup was a walk in the park. David was able to complete the self-registration by uploading company documents and going through a quick identity verification in under 10 minutes. David likes the simplicity of the process without compromising security – ”I haven’t seen that level of security before”.

5 Min Self-Registration
Secure Onboarding


“Suppliers get the same value without having to create an account.”

To David, it is important that his suppliers can accept payments easily and quickly. He loves the simplicity of receiving payments with Jetpay. His suppliers can accept payments for deposit directly  into the bank account of their choosing in less than 5 minutes without having to create a Jetpay account. Their payment information is saved automatically, so they only need to enter their banking details once.

What’s more, both David and his payment recipients receive automatic email notifications alongside a tracking link that lets them track the status of their payment in real-time. To David, transparency is a major benefit after having experienced many undesired surprises with the bank’s cash management system.

Direct bank login
Real-time tracking


“Adding custom transaction descriptions makes reconciliation that much easier.”

Besides the bank’s cash management system, David also resorted to EFT payments to transfer money online. The issue with EFT payments was the daily transfer limit, which often forced him to split up payments over several days. Neither one of the solutions allowed him to add custom descriptions to transactions, making it difficult to identify payments when reconciling.

Jetpay stops David from pulling his hair out over transfer limits and tedious reconciliation work. Being able to add his own descriptions to any transaction levelled up his accounting game and saves him countless hours every month. “Jetpay is a game-changer to an important part of just about everyone’s company”.

Custom transaction description
No transfer limits

Big moves require
big payments.