"It's a pain having to deal with cheques."

“Our clients still have the option to pay via cheque or bank transfer but nobody really uses it. Jetpay is our clients’ preference for large payments.”
Casey Grey
Founder, The Conscious Builder
30 sec payment initiation
3 times faster reconciliation

Making conscious decisions in building.

The Conscious Builder specializes in building sustainable, energy-efficient high-performance homes in Ottawa, Ontario. As the founder and face of the company, Casey knows the importance of each and every decision including its implications. He is leading his business by example, making decisions 100% consciously to generate the highest standard of health, comfort, and efficiency.

The decision to allow clients to pay invoices via Jetpaywas one with significant positive results for the company, employees, and clients alike: Jetpay is cheaper than card processing, faster than chasing after cheques, and gives customers an easier way to pay.


“The only way to offset credit card fees is to charge more.”

Casey had to learn the hard way how quickly a 1.5% fee on accepting card payments can add up to paying over $60K in processing fees over a single year. He realized that the only way to offset these charges is to either charge more on card payments or work the cost into overhead costs, which would result in higher prices for all clients.

With Jetpay, Casey found the ideal solution to large credit card fees while still giving clients the option to pay via card. During checkout, clients can pay an invoice for free via bank transfer, or choose to pay via card for a 3.5% platform fee. To Casey, accepting credit card payments via Jetpay is 100% free.

Accept card payments for free
Client chooses payment method


"It could be a week to get a cheque from point A to point B.”

Casey doesn’t trust the mail to deliver cheques reliably and considers picking up cheques in person as the lesser evil. This process becomes especially painful when clients are not on-site and his staff has to organize pick up and deposit of the cheque, as well as communicate payment information with the bookkeeper. A terribly inefficient process for everyone involved.

Bookkeeper Robyn appreciates the simplicity of collecting payments via Jetpay, but also the time it saves workers on site. It takes her less than a minute to send payment requests to clients via email and lets everyone else focus on what matters most: Building.

30-sec payment initiation
Request payment via email


“The accounting software is not meant for cash flow planning.”

Casey knows the importance of good cash flow planning that comes with the high-value nature of payments in the construction industry. While the accounting software gives him merely a retrospective view of money flowing in and out of his business, Jetpay helps Casey plan payables proactively.

Thanks to real-time tracking, bookkeeper Robyn stays informed about the status of the payment every step of the way. Knowing the estimated deposit date for every payment ahead of time makes it easier for Robyn and Casey to make sure everyone gets paid on time.

Real-time tracking
Automated email notifications

Big moves require
big payments.